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Environmental Solutions

Absorbent Pads and Rolls


1. Lightweight

2. No Loose Fiber

3. Petrochemical or Chemical Specific

4. An absorption ratio of 2000% (weight : weight)


Reduced disposal costs lower your total cost of ownership of hazardous waste streams

Eliminates problems created by loose fiber where water pumps are concerned

Allows removal of petrochemicals / chemicals from a water surface

Reduced usage of absorbent and therefore total cost of
ownership of your waste stream


1. Adds highly concentrated and specialized populations of specific HYDROCARBON DEGRADING microbes.

2. Can be applied with minimal cost, disruption and time. Under buildings, parking lots etc..

3. A simple test can be used for biocompatibility and biodegradation efficiency. This test can be done at a minimal cost.

4. Sites can be cleaned and closed rapidly within budget amounts and within or under target dates.


1. Is dependent on appropriate indigenous microbial populations and organic material present at the site.

2. Modifies the environment to enhance the growth of indigenous microbes. WHAT MICROBES ARE PRESENT?

3. Testing the ability of indigenous microbes can require complex, potentially costly, analytical methods to measure density and nutrient content AS WELL AS IS THESE MICROBES!.

4. Sites cannot always be cleaned and closed rapidly within budget amounts and target dates. In fact they MAY NEVER BE CLOSED AND REQUIRE RE-TREATMENT.

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