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The Company

Kilcrest (Pty) Ltd is a proactive business which develops excellent products and services to meet the ever changing needs and demands of its clients. With a keen eye on future trends and available technology, Kilcrest (Pty) Ltd is able to provide clients with the best available, bespoke products and services, which in turn provide better cost control, better business opportunities and increased margins for all of Kilcrest (Pty) Ltd’s loyal clients.

At Kilcrest (Pty) Ltd, research and development is as important as solid customer service, this combined with a strong product range has enabled Kilcrest (Pty) Ltd to enjoy successful growth since launching in 2003.

Operational systems at Kilcrest (Pty) Ltd are managed in order to give a rapid response to customers' orders and to ensure that products consistently meet the high quality standards set by the company. Kilcrest (Pty) Ltd focus on constant improvements in the manufacturing process for maximised efficiency with optimal results.

Kilcrest (Pty) Ltd strives to minimise any impact that their products or their manufacturing process may have on the environment as stated in the company environmental policy. Most of the projects run by Kilcrest (Pty) Ltd are geared to help the environment, to recycle and to reduce energy. In addition an eco friendly range of products has been developed to further this ethos which Kilcrest (Pty) Ltd proudly promotes.

We look forward to providing your business with 'Solutions for a better environment


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