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PVIT816-60 Aspirators Plastic 5LT EACH
PVIT816-62 Aspirators Plastic 10LT EACH
PVIT816-64 Aspirators Plastic 25LT EACH
PVIT816-66 Aspirators Plastic 50LT EACH
PVIT802-22 Basket Pipette 500MM EACH
PVIT802-24 Basket Pipette 650MM EACH
PVIT001-050 Beakers PTFE 50ML EACH
PVIT001-100 Beakers PTFE 100ML EACH
PVIT001-250 Beakers PTFE 250ML EACH
PVIT001-500 Beakers PTFE 500ML EACH
PVIT620-941 Beakers Squat Plastics  PP 10ML EACH
PVIT621-941 Beakers Squat Plastics  PP 25ML EACH
PVIT622-941 Beakers Squat Plastics  PP 50ML EACH
PVIT623-941 Beakers Squat Plastics  PP 100ML EACH
PVIT625-941 Beakers Squat Plastics  PP 250ML EACH
PVIT626-941 Beakers Squat Plastics  PP 400ML EACH
PVIT627-941 Beakers Squat Plastics  PP 500ML EACH
PVIT629-941 Beakers Squat Plastics  PP 600ML EACH
PVIT630-941 Beakers Squat Plastics  PP 1LT EACH
PVIT633-941 Beakers Squat Plastics  PP 2LT EACH
PVIT634-941 Beakers Squat Plastics  PP 3LT EACH
PVIT635-941 Beakers Squat Plastics PP 4Lt EACH
PVIT633-941 Beakers Squat Plastics PP 5LT EACH
PVIT606-03 Beakers TPX Plastic 25ML EACH
PVIT607-03 Beakers TPX Plastic 50ML EACH
PVIT608-03 Beakers TPX Plastic 100ML EACH
PFOR10900-75 Bladders No.5 Soccer Ball EACH
PGLA430-10 Boats Weighing Plastic (500 pcs) 30ML EACH
PGLA430-25 Boats Weighing Plastic (250 pcs) 100ML EACH
PVIT1085-319 Bottle Plastic N/N Kartell 319 125ML EACH
PVIT1085-323 Bottle Plastic N/N Kartell 323 250ML EACH
PFOR101293-28 Bottles Plastic Fortuna W/N 50ML EACH
PFOR101293-38 Bottles Plastic Fortuna W/N 100ML EACH
PFOR101293-48 Bottles Plastic Fortuna W/N 250ML EACH
PFOR101293-54 Bottles Plastic Fortuna W/N 500ML EACH
PFOR101293-62 Bottles Plastic Fortuna W/N 1LT EACH
PFOR101293-64 Bottles Plastic Fortuna W/N 2LT EACH
PVIT1091-46 Bottles Plastic Kartell 10LT EACH
PVIT1091-66 Bottles Plastic Kartell 25LT EACH
PVIT824-83 Bottles Spare Eyewash 500ML EACH
PVIT1088-92 Bottles Wash Kartell Plastic 500ML EACH
PVIT1089-92 Bottles Wash Kartell Plastic 1LT EACH
PGLA460-10 Bottles Wash Kartell Glassworld 250ML EACH
PGLA460-15 Bottles Wash Kartell Glassworld 500ML EACH
PGLA460-20 Bottles Wash Kartell Glassworld 1LT EACH
PBOE50015 Caps Capotest Blue (100Pcs) 16MM EACH
PBOE50025 Caps Capotest Gold (100Pcs) 20MM EACH
PBOE50020 Caps Capotest Green (100Pcs) 16MM EACH
PBOE50010 Caps Capotest Red (100Pcs) 16MM EACH
PVIT674-942 Clamps Burette Double Plastic EACH
PVIT59-91 Cones Imhoff Plastic 1LT EACH
PVIT-K436 Connectors Plastic Straight 8-9-10MM EACH
PVIT-K512 Connectors Plastic Straight 8-9-10MM EACH
PBOE90100-00 Cups Sample 0.5ML (1000 Pcs) EACH
PVIT760-010 Cuvette Plastic 10MM P/L (Box of 100) BOX
PVIT645-941 Cylinders Measuring Plastic PP 5ML EACH
PVIT646-941 Cylinders Measuring Plastic PP 10ML EACH
PVIT647-941 Cylinders Measuring Plastic PP 25ML EACH
PVIT648-941 Cylinders Measuring Plastic PP 50ML EACH
PVIT649-941 Cylinders Measuring Plastic TPX 50ML EACH
PVIT649-95 Cylinders Measuring Plastic PP 100ML EACH
PVIT650-941 Cylinders Measuring Plastic TPX 100ML EACH
PVIT650-95 Cylinders Measuring Plastic PP 250ML EACH
PVIT651-941 Cylinders Measuring Plastic TPX  250ML EACH
PVIT651-95 Cylinders Measuring Plastic PP 500ML EACH
PVIT652-941 Cylinders Measuring Plastic TPX 500ML EACH
PVIT652-95 Cylinders Measuring Plastic PP 1LT EACH
PVIT653-941 Cylinders Measuring Plastic TPX 1LT EACH
PVIT653-95 Cylinders Measuring Plastic PP 2LT EACH
PBOE5050-020 Cylinders Measuring Plastic TPX 2LT EACH
PBOE5050-050 Dishes Petri PI. Disposable 65MM (750) EACH
PBOE5050-040 Dishes Petri Plastic Disp(500 Pcs) 90MM EACH
PBOE5050-025 Dishes Petri Plastic Disposable 250Pcs EACH
PVIT823-89 Dishes Petri Plst Disp Half Plate 90MM EACH
PVIT660-673 Eye Wash Stations EACH
PVIT671-941 Flasks Erlenmeyer N/N Plastic 500ML EACH
PVIT672-941 Flasks Volumetric Plastic PP 25ML EACH
PVIT673-941 Flasks Volumetric Plastic PP 50ML EACH
PVIT674-941 Flasks Volumetric Plastic PP 100ML EACH
PVIT675-941 Flasks Volumetric Plastic PP 250ML EACH
PVIT675-95 Flasks Volumetric Plastic PP 500ML EACH
PVIT676-941 Flasks Volumetric Plastic TPX 500ML EACH
PVIT804-39 Flasks Volumetric Plastic PP 1LT EACH
PVIT804-41 Funnels Buchner Plastic 70MM EACH
PVIT804-42 Funnels Buchner Plastic 90MM EACH
PVIT804-43 Funnels Buchner Plastic 110MM EACH
PVIT804-45 Funnels Buchner Plastic 160MM EACH
PVIT145-10 Funnels Buchner Plastic 240MM EACH
PVIT145-15 Funnels Plastic Loc 45 EACH
PVIT145-20 Funnels Plastic Loc 55 EACH
PVIT145-25 Funnels Plastic Loc 80 EACH
PVIT145-30 Funnels Plastic Loc 100 EACH
PVIT145-35 Funnels Plastic Loc 120 EACH
PVIT417-94 Funnels Plastic Loc 180 EACH
PVIT418-94 Funnels Plastic 200MM EACH
PVIT419-94 Funnels Plastic 250MM EACH
PVIT708-94 Funnels Plasic 350MM EACH
PVIT709-94 Funnels Plastic Powder 80MM EACH
PVIT711-94 Funnels Plastic Powder 100MM EACH
PVIT801-64 Funnels Plastic Powder 150MM EACH
PVIT801-65 Funnels Plastic Long Stem 80MM EACH
PVIT-K269 Funnels Plastic Long Stem 100MM EACH
PVIT802-17 Holders Funnel 269 EACH
PVIT802-18 Jar Pipette 500MM EACH
PGLA900-10 Jar Pipette 650MM EACH
PGLA900-00 Jars Plastic W/N 1LT EACH
PGLA900-00 Jars Plastic W/N 500ML EACH
PGLA920-10 Jars PVC W/N 1LT EACH
PGLA920-20 Jars PVC W/N 2LT EACH
PGLA920-30 Jars PVC W/N 3LT EACH
PGLA920-50 Jars PVC W/N 5LT EACH
PVIT441-941 Jugs Plastic with Handle 500ML EACH
PVIT442-941 Jugs Plastic with Handle 1000ML EACH
PVIT443-941 Jugs Plastic with Handle 2000ML EACH
PVIT444-941 Jugs Plastic with Handle 3000ML EACH
PVIT445-941 Jugs Plastic with Handle 5000ML EACH
PVIT010-010 Magnifying Glass 50MM EACH
PBOE7470 Pipette Pasteur Plastic 3ML (Box/500) EACH
PBOE74428 Pipette Tips Blue 100-1000ul (250 Pcs) EACH
PBOE74438 Pipette Tips Natural 1-5ML (250 Pcs) EACH
PBOE74418 Pipette Tips Yellow 50-200ul (500 Pcs) EACH
PFOR10702860 Pipette Tips 10ML (10 Pcs) EACH
PVIT813-95 Pumps Water Jet EACH
PVIT802-13 Racks Peg Drying 72 EACH
PVIT004-350 Retriever Magnetic  PTFE 350MM EACH
PVIT1361-10 Rods PTFE Loc 20MM EACH
PVIT1361-15 Rods PTFE Loc 25MM EACH
PVIT1361-20 Rods PTFE Loc 40MM EACH
PVIT1361-25 Rods PTFE Loc 50MM EACH
PVIT405-93 Scoops Plastic 350ML EACH
PVIT406-93 Scoops Plastic 500ML EACH
PVIT107-114 Sleeves PTFE B14 EACH
PVIT107-119 Sleeves PTFE B19 EACH
PVIT107-124 Sleeves PTFE B24 EACH
PVIT107-129 Sleeves PTFE B29 EACH
PVIT-K262 Stands Funnel 262 EACH
PVIT791-94 Stands Pipette Plastic EACH
PVIT001-610 Stirrer Bar Egg Shaped 10MM EACH
PVIT001-640 Stirrer Bar Egg Shaped 30MM EACH
PVIT001-630 Stirrer Bar Egg Shaped Fortuna 16MM EACH
PVIT308-325 Stirrer Bar with Pivot PTFE 25MM EACH
PVIT308-330 Stirrer Bar with Pivot PTFE 30MM EACH
PVIT106-110 Stirrer Bars PTFE 10MM EACH
PVIT106-115 Stirrer Bars PTFE 15MM EACH
PVIT106-120 Stirrer Bars PTFE 20MM EACH
PVIT106-125 Stirrer Bars PTFE 25MM EACH
PVIT106-130 Stirrer Bars PTFE 30MM EACH
PVIT106-140 Stirrer Bars PTFE 40MM EACH
PVIT106-145 Stirrer Bars PTFE 45MM EACH
PVIT106-150 Stirrer Bars PTFE 50MM EACH
PVIT106-160 Stirrer Bars PTFE 60MM EACH
PVIT106-170 Stirrer Bars PTFE 70MM EACH
PVIT-B10 Stoppers Plastic B10 EACH
PVIT-B12 Stoppers Plastic B12 EACH
PVIT-B14 Stoppers Plastic B14 EACH
PVIT-B19 Stoppers Plastic B19 EACH
PVIT-B24 Stoppers Plastic B24 EACH
PVIT-29 Stoppers Plastic B29 EACH
PVIT-34 Stoppers Plastic B34 EACH
PVIT803-75 Taps Aspirator Spare EACH
PFOR10900-70 Teats Rubber EACH
PVIT-K1386 Test Tubes Plastic PP 100ML EACH
PBOE7850-012 Test Tubes Polystyrene 12x 75MM  (1000) EACH
PBOE781010 Tunes Centrifuge Conical Graduated 15ML EACH
PGLA201L Tubing Latex 5 x 8MM EACH
PGLA203L Tubing Latex 6 x 10MM EACH
PGLA205L Tubing Latex 8 x 11MM EACH
PGLA910-006 Tubing PVC L/W 6MM EACH
PGLA910-008 Tubing PVC L/W 8MM EACH
PGLA910-010 Tubing PVC L/W 10MM EACH
PGLA910-012 Tubing PVC L/W 12MM MTR
PGLA912-006 Tubing PVC H/W 6MM EACH
PGLA912-010 Tubing PVC H/W 10MM EACH
PGLA912-012 Tubing PVC H/W 12MM MTR
PGLA912-020 Tubing PVC H/W 20MM MTR
PGLA912-025 Tubing PVC H/W 25MM MTR
PGLA200AS Tubing Silicon 4 x 7MM MTR
PGLA200S Tubing Silicon 3 x 5MM MTR
PGLA201S Tubing Silicon 5 x 8MM MTR
PGLA202S Tubing Silicon 5 x 10MM MTR
PGLA203S Tubing Silicon 6 x 10MM MTR
PGLA204S Tubing Silicon 6 x 11MM MTR
PGLA205AS Tubing Silicon 8 x 13MM MTR
PGLA205S Tubing Silicon 8 x 11MM MTR
PGLA205ST Tubing Silicon 8 x 12MM MTR
PGLA206ST Tubing Silicon 10 x 16MM MTR
PVIT-K298 Vessels Reaction K298 1 5ML (1000) BOX
PVIT802-21 Washer Pipette 750MM EACH
PBOE101509-10 Watch Glasses Plastic 75MM EACH
PVIT013-020 Watch Glasses PTFE 20MM EACH
PFOR101509-05 Watch Glasses PTFE 50MM EACH
PFOR101509-10 Watch Glasses PTFE 75MM EACH
PVIT013-080 Watch Glasses PTFE 80MM EACH
PVIT013-100 Watch Glasses PTFE 100MM EACH
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