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HJJE-BF662-12 Bases Porcelain with Rod EACH
HJJE-BF560-05 Beakers Stainless Steel 250Ml EACH
HJJE-SB910-00 Bellows Double Spray EACH
HJJE-SB900-00 Bellows Single Spray EACH
HJJE-SL600-10 Boss heads Retort Diecast Aluminium EACH
HGLA-PP970-15 Box Pipette Blue 96-Hole EACH
HGLA-PP970-30 Box Pipette Yellow 96-Hole EACH
HJJE-BU400-12 Brushes Beaker EACH
HJJE-BU410-17 Brushes Bottle Nylon 40MM EACH
HJJE-BU410-27 Brushes Bottle Nylon 70MM EACH
HJJE-BU425-12 Brushes Burette Nylon 12MM EACH
HJJE-BU425-16 Brushes Burette Nylon 15MM EACH
HJJE-BU425-27 Brushes Burette Nylon 25MM EACH
HJJE-BU495-25 Brushes Camel Hair EACH
HEND-SF512-10 Brushes Sieve EACH
HJJE-BU450-17 Brushes Test Tube Nylon 15MM EACH
HJJE-BU450-27 Brushes Test Tube Nylon 25MM EACH
HGLA-BR900-10 Bungs Rubber (Stppers) EACH
HJJE-BY290-25 Burner Spirit EACH
HJJE-BY100-10 Burners Bunsen EACH
GBOE11-1355 Burners Meker Metal Grid EACH
GBOE11-1350 Burners Meker Porc Grid EACH
HJJE-BY280-30 Burners Meker with Blast Pattern EACH
HJJE-BY250-12 Burners Microteclu EACH
HJJE-BY250-10 Burners Teclu EACH
HJJE-PD440-15 Cannister Petri Dish Sterilizer S/S EACH
HJJE-PD450-15 Cannister Pipette Sterilizer S/S EACH
HJJE-SL660-00 Clamps 1102-4D Cork Lined EACH
HJJE-SL660-05 Clamps 2-Prong Cork Lined EACH
HJJE-SL720-10 Clamps Beaker EACH
HBOE7000181 Clamps Burette Double  EACH
HBOE1004703 Clamps Millipore EACH
HJJE-CP100-02 Clamps Retort Four Prong EACH
HJJE-CP118-20 Clips Banana EACH
HJJE-CP100-11 Clips Hoffman Screw Steel 20MM EACH
HGLA-BS225-36 Clips Hoffman Screw Steel 25MM EACH
HGLA980-00 Clips Hoffman Screw Steel 30MM EACH
HFOR115323 Clips Spring Mohrs No.2 EACH
HFOR115321 Containers Deposit EACH
HJJE-CW325-10 Cork Bores 1-12 EACH
HJJE-CX200-90 Cork Bores 1-6 EACH
HJJE-CX200-95 Cork Bores Sharpeners EACH
HJJE-CX200-45 Crucibles Iron BOX
HJJE-CX200-50 Crucibles Mettler 27331 EACH
HJJE-CX200-40 Crucibles Nickel 1.5MM Wall 30ML EACH
HJJE-CX200-46 Crucibles Nickel 1.5MM Wall 35ML EACH
HJJE-CX200-60 Crucibles Nickel 1MM Wall 30ML EACH
HJJE-CP200-90 Crucibles Nickel 1MM Wall 50ML EACH
HJJE-CX30015 Crucibles Nickel 1MM Wall 70ML EACH
HJJE-CX300-10 Crucibles Platinum EACH
HJJE-CX300-05 Crucibles Zirconium Heavy Wall EACH
HJJE-BY382-06 Crucibles Zirconium Medium Wall EACH
HJJE-BY382-06 Crucibles Zirconium Squat 35ML EACH
HJJE-DS700-10 Crucibles Zirconium Squat 45ML EACH
HJJE-ME770-20 Droppers Medicine w/Teats EACH
HJJE-BY382-06 Flints Gass Lighter EACH
HJJE-DS700-10 Forceps Plastic EACH
HJJE-DS725-20 Forceps Steel Blunt 150MM EACH
HJJE-DS725-25 Forceps Steel Blunt 200MM EACH
HJJE-DS710-20 Forceps Steel Sharp End 150MM EACH
HJJE-DS710-25 Forceps Steel Sharp End 200MM EACH
HJJE-GK605-15 Gauze Ceramic Centre 15 x 15CM EACH
HJJE-LT160-17 Grease Vacuum Stopcock 50GM EACH
HBOE3427 Handles Wire for Staining Racks/Troughs EACH
HJJE-TE920-45 Holder Test Tubes Brass EACH
HJJE-BY385-10 Lighters Gas Electronic EACH
HJJE-DS620-10 Needles Dissecting EACH
PFOR107016-11 Paraflim 100MM x 38Meters ROLL
PFOR107016-06 Paraflim 100MM x 75Meters (Double) ROLL
PFOR107015-01 Paraflim 500MM x 15Meters ROLL
PFOR107016-35 Paraflim Dispenser 215 x 195 x 165MM EACH
HJJE905-00 Pegs Test Tube Wire EACH
HJJE-SM900-00 Pegs Test Tube Wooden EACH
HJJE-LA520-10 Pencils Blaisdel  EACH
HJJE-LA534-10 Pens Diamond Tip EACH
HJJE-PP880-30 Pi-Pumps 10ML EACH
HJJE-PP880-40 Pi-Pumps 25ML EACH
HJJE-PP880-10 Pi-Pumps 2ML EACH
HJJE-RS260-22 Policeman Wing Tip 6MM EACH
PFOR10900-80 Propipettes Short EACH
GFOR3334-05 Propipettes Universal EACH
HBOE3422 Racks Staining Hav2325 3422 EACH
HJJE-SH250-20 Ring Cork For Flasks 1LT EACH
HJJE-SH250-10 Ring Cork For Flasks 250ML EACH
HJJE-SH250-15 Ring Cork For Flasks 500ML EACH
HJJE-SL800-09 Ring Retort Plain 40MM EACH
HJJE-SL804-25 Ring Retort w/Bosshead 60MM EACH
HJJE-SL804-35 Ring Resort w/Bosshead 85MM EACH
HJJE-DS560-25 Scissors B/S Stainless Steel 150MM EACH
HJJE-ST900-12 Septums Silicon (Ptk 144) 13MM PKT
HJJE-ST900-09 Septums Silicon (Ptk 144) 9MM PKT
HJJE-ST900-18 Septums Silicon (Ptk 72) 18MM PKT
IEND-SF500-20 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 1.18MM EACH
IEND-SF500-23 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 1.25MM EACH
IEND-SF500-24 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 2MM EACH
IEND-SF500-25 Sieves Test 200MM Half Height 2.36MM EACH
IEND-SF500-26 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 2.36MM EACH
IEND-SF500-32 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 2.8MM EACH
IEND-SF500-47 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 3.35MM EACH
IEND-SF500-50 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 8MM EACH
IEND-SF500-51 Sieves Test 200MM Half Height 9MM EACH
IEND-SF500-53 Sieves Test 200MM Half Height 11.2MM EACH
IEND-SF500-54 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 11.2MM EACH
IEND-SF500-65 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 13.2MM EACH
IEND-SF500-90 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 16MM EACH
IEND-SF500-91 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 19MM EACH
IEND-SF500-92 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 20MM EACH
IEND-SF500-93 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 26.5MM EACH
IEND-SF504-12 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 850um EACH
IEND-SF504-15 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 710um EACH
IEND-SF504-18 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 600um EACH
IEND-SF504-24 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 425um EACH
IEND-SF504-27 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 335um EACH
IEND-SF504-30 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 300um EACH
IEND-SF504-301 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 300um EACH
IEND-SF504-36 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 212um EACH
IEND-SF504-42 Sieves Test 200MM Half Height 150um EACH
IEND-SF504-421 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 150um EACH
IEND-SF504-46 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 125um EACH
IEND-SF504-48 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 106um EACH
IEND-SF504-51 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 63um EACH
IEND-SF504-54 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 75um EACH
IEND-SF504-57 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 90um EACH
IEND-SF504-60 Sieves Test 200MM Half Height 53um EACH
IEND-SF504-601 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 53um EACH
IEND-SF504-66 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 38um EACH
IEND-SF504-70 Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 25um EACH
IEND-SF508-08 Sieves Lids 200MM  EACH
IEND-SF528-08 Sieves Reciever 200MM EACH
HJJE-SH300-30 Spatula Chattaway 150MM EACH
HJJE-SH300-40 Spatula Chattaway 200MM EACH
HJJE-SH300-20 Spatula Chattaway Broad EACH
HJJE-SH305-10 Spatula Micro Chattaway 100MM EACH
HJJE-SH305-15 Spatula Micro Chattaway 150MM EACH
HFOR11-3203 Spatula Micro Chattaway 180MM EACH
HJJE-SH305-20 Spatula Micro Chattaway 200MM EACH
HJJE-SH400-15 Spatula Spoon & Steel 150MM EACH
HJJE-SH400-20 Spatula Spoon & Steel 200MM EACH
HJJE-SH400-10 Spatula Spoon 100MM EACH
HBOE1000413 Spatula Vibrating  EACH
HJJE-SH600-10 Spatula Wooden Handle 100MM EACH
HJJE-SH600-15 Spatula Wooden Handle 150MM EACH
HJJE-SH600-20 Spatula Wooden Handle 200MM EACH
HJJE-SH600-25 Spatula Wooden Handle 250MM EACH
HJJE-SH600-30 Spatula Wooden Handle 300MM EACH
HJJE-SH610-08 Spatula Wooden Handle Tapered 75MM EACH
HJJE-LM370-15 Spectacles Safety EACH
HFOR9600-02 Spoon Lab EACH
HBOESM300-80 Stands Funnel Wooden 2-Hole EACH
HJJE-SM300-90 Stands Funnel Wooden 6-Hole EACH
HJJE-SL480-16 Stands Retort  EACH
HJJE-SM390-30 Stands Test Tube Steel 15 x 30MM Hole EACH
HJJE-SM390-26 Stands Test Tube Steel 16 x 26MM Hole EACH
HJJE-SM390-12 Stands Test Tube Steel 50 x 12MM Hole EACH
HJJE-SM390-14 Stands Test Tube Steel 50 x 14MM Hole EACH
HJJE-SM300-10 Stands Test Tube Plastic 6-Hole EACH
HJJE-SM300-12 Stands Test Tube  Wooden 6-Hole EACH
HJJE-SM900-12 Stands Tripod Circular 200MM EACH
HJJE-SM900-14 Stands Tripod Circular 250MM EACH
HJJE-SM900-18 Stands Tripod Triangular 150MM EACH
HJJE-SM900-20 Stands Tripod Triangular 200MM EACH
HJJE-CM625-10 Swabs Sterile (250 Pcs) EACH
HJJE-AU630-10 Tape Autoclave 1in. EACH
HBOE61500 Tapes Heating 1M EACH
HBOE61510 Tapes Heating 2.5M EACH
HBOE61505 Tapes Heating 2M EACH
HBOE61515 Tapes Heating 3M EACH
HJJE-ME810-30 Teats Latex EACH
HJJE-TR600-20 Tongs Beaker PAIR
HJJE-SA710-12 Tongs Beaker Spare Mittens EACH
HJJE-TR504-20 Tongs Crucible S/S w/out Bow 200MM EACH
HJJE-TR540-20 Tongs Crucible S/S with Bow 200MM EACH
HJJE-TR540-25 Tongs Crucible S/S with Bow 400MM EACH
HJJE-TR600-30 Tongs Flasks  EACH
HJJE-TR620-25 Tongs Furnace Wards  EACH
HFOR114030 Tongs SS with Bow EACH
HJJE-PS300-00 Trays salamander P53 EACH
HJJE-TT600-32 Triangles Pipe Clay EACH
HBOE3423 Troughs Staining Hav 2325 3423 EACH
HJJE-SD700-10 Vials Maxi Box 10ML EACH
HGLA-SD700-35 Vials Plastic Hinged 100ML EACH
HGLA-SD700-10 Vials Plastic Hinged 10ML EACH
HGLA-SD700-20 Vials Plastic Hinged 20ML EACH
HGLA-SD700-25 Vials Plastic Hinged 30ML EACH
HGLA-SD700-30 Vials Plastic Hinged 50ML EACH
HJJE-GGCT8 Waterstills GT8 EACH
HJJE-EE151-20 Wire Nickel Chromium 100GM EACH
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