CHEM002-05 Acetic  Acid 1LT LT
CHEM002-06 Acetic Anhydride 1LT LT
CHEM003-00 Acetone 1LT LT
CHEM003-10 Acetonitrile 1LT EACH
CHEM004-00 Agar Agar 500GM EACH
CHEM004-55 Aliquat DIBK Labiquat 1% 1LT LT
CHEM004-95 Aluminium Hydroxide 500GM EACH
CHEM004-98 Aluminium Metal Fine  500GM EACH
CHEM005-00 Aluminium Oxide 500GM EACH
CHEM008-00 Ammonia 25% 1LT LT
CHEM008-01 Ammonia 25% AR BDH 1LT LT
CHEM009-00 Ammonium Dichromate 500GM EACH
CHEM009-10 Ammonium Ferrous Sulphate 0 1N Amps AMP
CHEM009-11 Ammonium Iodine BDH 500GM EACH
CHEM010-00 Ammonium Acetate 500GM EACH
CHEM010-05 AmmoniumBromide AR BHD  500GM EACH
CHEM010-07 Ammonium Carbonate 500GM EACH
CHEM010-08 Ammonium Ceric Sulphate AR 250GM EACH
CHEM010-09 Ammonium Cerium IV Nitrate GR 100GM EACH
CHEM010-10 Ammonium Chloride RDH 500GM EACH
CHEM010-11 Ammonium Chloride 500GM EACH
CHEM010-12 Ammonium Di-Hydrogen Orthophosphate  500G EACH
CHEM010-13 Ammonium Ferric Sulphate AR 500GM EACH
CHEM010-14 Ammonium Ferrous Sulphate  500GM EACH
CHEM010-15 Ammonium Fluoride AR  500GM EACH
CHEM010-16 Ammonium Hydrogen Di-Fluoride 500GM EACH
CHEM010-18 Ammonium Iron II Sulphate AR 500GM EACH
CHEM010-19 Ammonium Molybdate 500GM EACH
CHEM010-20 Ammonium Nitrate 500GM EACH
CHEM010-23 Ammonium Oxalate CP 500GM EACH
CHEM010-24 Ammonium Peroxodisulfate 1KG EACH
CHEM010-25 Ammonium Persulphate 500GM EACH
CHEM010-30 Ammonium Phosphate Dibasic 500GM EACH
CHEM010-45 Ammonium Sulphate 500GM EACH
CHEM010-46 Ammonium Sulphate Sol. 0.1N Ampoules EACH
CHEM010-47 Ammonium Sulphate Sol. 0.06N Ampoules EACH
CHEM010-49 Ammonium Sulphide 10% 1LT LT
CHEM010-50 Ammonium Thiocyanate Amp N/1C  500GM EACH
CHEM010-51 Ammonium Thiocyanate  500GM EACH
CHEM010-55 Ammonium Thiosulphate 5 Hydrate  500GM EACH
CHEM010-85 Amyl Acetate 1LT LT
CHEM011-00 Amyl Alcohol for milk testing 1LT LT
CHEM011-10 Amylose from Potato Starch BHD 1GM EACH
CHEM012-05 Aniline CP 500ML EACH
CHEM012-50 Anthracen Zur Synthese AR 250GM EACH
CHEM015-00 Ascorbic Acid 500GM EACH
CHEM016-25 Asculine Reinst 1KG EACH
CHEM032-10 Barium CarbonateCP 500GM EACH
CHEM033-00 Barium chloride 500GM EACH
CHEM033-05 Barium Diphenylamine 4- Sulphonate AR 5GM EACH
CHEM033-10 Barium Sulphate 500GM EACH
CHEM034-95 Benzene (Benzol) 1LT LT
CHEM035-00 Benzine 1LT LT
CHEM037-10 Benzoic Acid (Calorimetry) 100GM EACH
CHEM038-25 Bicarbonate Indicator 500ML EACH
CHEM041-10 Blei 31133 RHD 500GM EACH
CHEM043-10 Borate Buffer Tablets 1GM BOX
CHEM043-50 Borax Decahydrate Granular 1KG EACH
CHEM045-00 Boric Acid 500GM EACH
CHEM049-05 Brom-3-hydroxypridine 10GM EACH
CHEM050-00 Bromine 1LT LT
CHEM053-01 Buffer Solution pH 1 500ML EACH
CHEM053-03 Buffer Solution pH 3 500ML EACH
CHEM053-04 Buffer Solution pH 4 500ML EACH
CHEM053-07 Buffer Solution pH 7 500ML EACH
CHEM053-09 Buffer Solution pH 9 500ML EACH
CHEM053-10 Buffer Solution pH 10 500ML EACH
CHEM053-11 Buffer Solution pH 11 RDH 1LT LT
CHEM053-12 Buffer Solution pH  9 Amps AMP
CHEM053-31 Buffer Solution pH 1 Ampoules EACH
CHEM053-32 Buffer Solution pH 2 AmpoulesL EACH
CHEM053-34 Buffer Solution pH 4 Ampoules EACH
CHEM053-37 Buffer Solution pH 7 Ampoules EACH
CHEM053-57 Buffer Solution pH7 Tablets (Bottles of 100) EACH
CHEM055-05 Butan-1ol(N-Butanol)1LT LT
CHEM055-00 Butan-2-ol 1LT LT
CHEM066-00 Cadium Acetate 500GM EACH
CHEM068-00 Calcium Acetate 500GM EACH
CHEM068-01 Calcium Carbide 500GM EACH
CHEM068-02 Calcium Carbonate 500GM EACH
CHEM068-03 Calcium Carbonate Marble Chips 500GM EACH
CHEM068-05 Calcium Chloride Anhyd. 500GM EACH
CHEM068-08 Calcium Flouride Extra Pure BHD 100GM EACH
CHEM068-10 Calcium Hydroxide 500GM EACH
CHEM068-15 Calcium Oxide 500GM EACH
CHEM068-16 Calmagite Indicator 5GM EACH
CHEM068-30 Carbon Disulphine 1LT LT
CHEM068-50 Cerous Nitrate AR 100GM EACH
CHEM069-90 Chloral Hydrate 500GM EACH
CHEM070-00 Chloroform 1LT LT
CHEM070-01 Chloroform AR RDH 1LT LT
CHEM071-05 Chromic Acid 500GM EACH
CHEM071-06 Chromium  111 Chloride 500GM EACH
CHEM072-05 Chromium II Oxide CP 500GM EACH
CHEM075-00 Citric Acid 500GM EACH
CHEM079-00 Cobaltous Sulphate 500GM EACH
CHEM079-10 Com-Aid For Liquids *tm* 500GM EACH
CHEM079-50 Colorona Carmine Red 50 GM EACH
CHEM080-25 Copper Carbonate 500GM EACH
CHEM080-50 Copper Metal Clippings 500GM EACH
CHEM08-60 Copper Metal Granular 500GM EACH
CHEM081-04 Copper I Oxide AR RDH 500GM EACH
CHEM081-10 Copper II Sulphate 500GM EACH
CHEM081-15 Copper II Sulphate AR RDH  500GM EACH
CHEM081-20 Copper Sulphate 500GM EACH
CHEM082-05 Cumene Hydroperoxide AR RDH 500ML EACH
CHEM083-05 Cupric Acetate AR 500GM EACH
CHEM084-10 Cupion Analyse C2-Biochinoly RDH 1GM EACH
CHEM084-15 Cupion Analyse C2-Biochinoly RDH 5GM EACH
CHEM084-50 Curcumine GR 33189 RDH  100GM EACH
CHEM087-15 Cyanoacetic Acid AR RDH 500GM EACH
CHEM087-16 Cytosine (Biosynthesis) 1 GM EACH
CHEM088-14 Cyclohexane 1LT LT
CHEM088-15 Cyclohexylamine AR RDH 1LT LT
CHEM106-50 DevardsAlloy GR 250GM  EACH
CHEM107-05 Di-iso-Propylamine AR RDH 1LT LT
CHEM109-05 Diacetone Alcohol BHD 1 LT LT
CHEM109-40 Diaethylmonoxide RG RDH 500ML EACH
CHEM109-50 Dichloracetylchloride RDH 250ML EACH
CHEM110-00 Dichloromethane 1LT LT
CHEM115-00 Diethyl Ether 1LT LT
CHEM117-05 Dimethoxyethane AR BHD 500ML EACH
CHEM118-00 Dimethyl Glyoxime AR 100GM EACH
CHEM118-01 Dextran 10GM EACH
CHEM118-02 Dimethyl Yellow 25GM EACH
CHEM118-03 Decan RDH 500ML EACH
CHEM118-05 Diphenol Purple BDH 1GM EACH
CHEM118-45 Diphenylamine-4-Sulphonic Acid NaCI 5GM EACH
CHEM118-50 Diphenylthiocarbozon (Dithizon) AR 10GM EACH
CHEM118-70 Diphenyl Carbazide RPE 25GM EACH
CHEM119-00 Di potassium H Orthophosphate Sigma 100ML EACH
CHEM119-05 Diisobutylaluminimhydrid sigma 100ML EACH
CHEM132-15 EDTA Di Sodium Salt 500GM EACH
CHEM132-17 EDTA Solution 0 1N 500Ml EACH
CHEM132-20 Eosin-Methylene Blue 25GM EACH
CHEM132-22 Eosin yellowish 25GM EACH
CHEM132-35 Ehrlichs Solution 250ML EACH
CHEM132-45 Enanthonitrile AR RDH 100ML EACH
CHEM132-65 Eriochrome Black T. 5GM EACH
CHEM132-75 Esculina Extra Pure 1KG EACH
CHEM132-80 Ethane Di OL 1LT LT
CHEM132-85 Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol) 1LT LT
CHEM132-95 Ethyl Acetate 1LT LT
CHEM133-00 Ethyl Ether 1LT LT
CHEM132-05 Ethylamine CARLO ERBA 44805 100ML EACH
CHEM132-10 Ethyl Glycol Mono Butyl Ether 1LT LT
CHEM133-15 Ethylenedinitrilo-Tetra Acetic Acid 100G EACH
CHEM133-50 Eusolex 4360 Oil Soluble 25GM EACH
CHEM133-55 Eusolex 6300 Oil Soluble 50GM EACH
CHEM167-49 Fehlings Solution B 500GM EACH
CHEM167-50 Ferric Oxide 500GM EACH
CHEM168-05 Ferric Sulphate 500GM EACH
CHEM168-45 Ferrous Sulphate 500GM EACH
CHEM168-50 Ferrous Sulphate Anhydrous CP 500GM EACH
CHEM168-51 Fuchsin Basic BDH 25GM EACH
CHEM168-75 Formaldehyde solution 40%  1LT LT
CHEM169-00 Formic Acid 1LT LT
CHEM172-00 Fructose (D+) 500GM EACH
CHEM219-10 Glass Wool 500GM EACH
CHEM220-00 Glucose  500GM EACH
CHEM224-00 Glycerine 1LT LT
CHEM224-50 Glycyiglycine 39109 500GM EACH
CHEM224-55 Glycerryl Monostearate  1KG EACH
CHEM224-65 Gum Benzoil 500GM EACH
CHEM235-00 Hexachloroplatinic Acid 1GM EACH
CHEM236-00 Hexane 1LT LT
CHEM243-00 Hyamine Solution 0.004M 1LT LT
CHEM244-05 Hydranal Composite 5 1LT LT
CHEM245-00 Hydrated Lime 500GM EACH
CHEM246-50 Hydrobromic Acid AR 1LT LT
CHEM247-10 Hydrochloric Acid 30-33% Comm 1LT LT
CHEM247-15 Hydrochloric Acid 32% AR  1LT LT
CHEM247-20 Hydrochloric Acid 32% CP 1LT LT
CHEM247-35 Hydrochloric Acid 32% CP Fine 1LT LT
CHEM248-00 Hydrochloric Acid Solution 0.1N Ampoules EACH
CHEM248-01 Hydrochloric Acid Solution 1N Ampoules EACH
CHEM248-05 Hydrochloric Acid Sol. 0.1N 1LT LT
CHEM248-06 Hydrochloric Acid Solution 1N   EACH
CHEM250-25 Hydrofluoric Acid  70% 1LT LT
CHEM255-00 Hydrogen Peroxide 30% 1LT LT
CHEM255-20 Hydrogen Phthalate  AR BDH 250GM EACH
CHEM256-11 Hydroxylammonium Chloride 100GM EACH
CHEM256-12 Hydroxynaphthol Blue 30GM  EACH
CHEM259-50 Idranal III Solution 0.1M RDH 500ML EACH
CHEM260-00 Iodine 0.1N Am[oules EACH
CHEM260-25 Iodine Solution N/10 1LT  LT
CHEM268-01 Iriodine 101 Rutile Silver 50GM EACH
CHEM268-05 Iriodine 110 Fine Stain 50GM EACH
CHEM268-08 Iripdine 130 Glitter Pearl 50GM EACH
CHEM268-09 Iriodine  151 Lustre Pearl 50GM EACH
CHEM268-10 Iriodine 159 Ivory Pearl 50GM EACH
CHEM268-15 Iriodine 200 Gold Shade Pearl 50GM EACH
CHEM268-20 Iriodine 210 Red Pearl 50GM EACH
CHEM268-25 Iriodine 220 Blue Pearl 50GM EACH
CHEM268-30 Iriodine 230 Green 50GM EACH
CHEM268-35 Iriodine 324 Radiant Gold  50GM EACH
CHEM268-40 Iriodine 440 Colbri Blue-green 50GM EACH
CHEM269-05 Iron Fine Powder 500GM EACH
CHEM269-50 Iron II Sulphate 500GM EACH
CHEM269-80 Iso-Octane ( 2 2 4 Trimethyl Pentane) 1LT LT
CHEM270-00 Iso-Propanol 1LT LT
CHEM270-01 Propan-1-ol 1LT LT
CHEM340-05 Kupferron RDH 100GM EACH
CHEM366-15 L-Cystine (Biochemistry) 25GM EACH
CHEM366-25 L-Histidine Monohydrochloride  Monoh 25GM EACH
CHEM366-75 Lactalbumin Hydrolysate 500GM EACH
CHEM369-10 Lanthanum Chloride CP 100GM EACH
CHEM370-00 Lanthanum Nitrate  100GM EACH
CHEM370-05 Lanthanum Nitrate Hexahydrate 100GM EACH
CHEM370-10 Lanthanum Oxide AR 500GM EACH
CHEM373-00 Lead Acetate 100GM EACH
CHEM373-02 Lead Carbonate CP 250GM EACH
CHEM373-03 Lead (iv) Dioxide 500GM EACH
CHEM373-04 Lead Chromate 500GM EACH
CHEM373-05 Lead Metal  500GM EACH
CHEM373-06 Lead Nitrate 500GM EACH
CHEM373-10 Lead Shot 500GM EACH
CHEM378-04 Lithium Carbonate Mallinkrok 500GM EACH
CHEM378-05 Lithium Chloride 500GM EACH
CHEM378-15 Lithium Flouride AR RDH 500GM EACH
CHEM378-25 Lithium Nitrate 250GM EACH
CHEM378-40 Lithium Sulphate Crystal AR 250GM EACH
CHEM405-05 Magnesium  Carbonate 500GM EACH
CHEM405-08 Magnesium Chloride 500GM EACH
CHEM405-15 Magnesium Oxide 500GM EACH
CHEM405-20 Magnesium Perchlorate 500GM EACH
CHEM405-30 Magnesium Sulphate 500GM EACH
CHEM407-00 Magnesium Ribbon 25GM EACH
CHEM408-00 Malonic Acid CP 500GM EACH
CHEM410-15 Manganese Dioxide 500GM EACH
CHEM411-75 Mercuric Chloride 500GM EACH
CHEM411-80 Mercurous Chloride BDH 500GM EACH
CHEM412-00 Mercury 500GM EACH
CHEM413-05 Meso-Enosit RDH 5GM EACH
CHEM415-00 Methanol 1LT LT
CHEM415-50 Methyl Orange 25GM EACH
CHEM415-51 Methyl Orange 100GM EACH
CHEM415-55 Methyl Orange IND Solution EACH
CHEM416-00 Methyl Orange Indicator 100ML EACH
CHEM416-30 Methyl Red 50ML EACH
CHEM418-05 Methylated Spirits - Coloured 1LT LT
CHEM418-10 Methylated Spirits - Non-Coloured 1LT LT
CHEM422-15 Molybdenum Powder FLUKA 100GM EACH
CHEM430-45 MYGP Agar 500GM EACH
CHEM434-05 N N Dimethylaniline AR BHD 100GM EACH
CHEM436-05 Nickel Carbonate 500GM EACH
CHEM436-10 Nickel Hydroxide CP 500GM EACH
CHEM436-15 Nickel Nitrate CP 500GM EACH
CHEM436-45 Nickel Sulphate 500GM EACH
CHEM437-55 Nitric Acid 0.1N Ampoules EACH
CHEM437-57 Nitric Acid 1N Ampoules EACH
CHEM437-90 Nitric Acid 55% Comm 1LT LT
CHEM438-00 Nitric Acid 55% CP 1LT LT
CHEM438-05 Nitric Acid 65% AR 1LT LT
CHEM447-15 Orthophosphoric Acid 85% CP 1LT LT
CHEM450-00 Oxalic Acid Crystals 500GM EACH
CHEM501-05 P-Nitrobenzoyl chloride Iiyst 500GM EACH
CHEM502-05 Palladium Chloride 1GM EACH
CHEM502-50 Paraffin Wax RDH 1KG EACH
CHEM503-00 Pentane 1LT LT
CHEM503-50 Pentone L37 500GM LT
CHEM505-00 Perchloric Acid 70% 1LT LT
CHEM507-75 Petroleum Ether 35-60% AR 5LT  LT
CHEM508-00 Petroleum Ether 40-60% 1LT LT
CHEM508-50 Petroleum Ether 60-80% 1LT LT
CHEM508-75 Phenol Crystals 500GM EACH
CHEM509-05 Phenylenediamine Hydrochloride BDH 250GM EACH
CHEM512-05 Phosphorous Acid AR RDH 500GM EACH
CHEM513-05 Phylatol BHD 500ML EACH
CHEM513-20 Plaster  of Paris Tedro 500GM EACH
CHEM513-45 Polyethylene glycol 400 1LT LT
CHEM513-50 Polyethylene glycol 600 BHD 500ML EACH
CHEM515-05 Potassium Acetate AR RDH 500ML EACH
CHEM515-10 Potassium Bicarbonate 500GM EACH
CHEM515-13 Potassium Bromate AR 250GM EACH
CHEM515-15 Potassium Bromide 500GM EACH
CHEM515-20 Potassium Carbonate 500GM EACH
CHEM515-22 Potassium Chlorate 500GM EACH
CHEM515-24 Potassium Chloride 250GM EACH
CHEM515-25 Potassium Chloride 500GM EACH
CHEM515-30 Potassium Chromate 500GM  EACH
CHEM515-35 Potassium Cyanide CP 500GM EACH
CHEM515-42 Potassium Hydrogen Citrate 25GM EACH
CHEM515-45 Potassium Dichromate CP 500GM EACH
CHEM515-46 Potassium Dichromate 0.1N Ampoules  EACH
CHEM515-462 Potassium Dihydrogen Orthophosphate 500G EACH
CHEM515-47 Potassium Disulphat 500GM EACH
CHEM515-473 Potassium Ferri Cyanide Anhydrous 500GM EACH
CHEM515-478 Potassium Ferro Cyanide Trihydrate 500GM EACH
CHEM515-49 Potassium Hydrogen Fluoride CP 500GM EACH
CHEM515-50 Potassium Hexacyanoferrate 100GM EACH
CHEM515-51 Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate CP 500GM EACH
CHEM515-53 Potassium Hydrogen  Sulphate 500GM EACH
CHEM515-54 Potassium Hydrogen Tartrate RDH 250GM EACH
CHEM515-55 Potassium Hydroxide 500GM EACH
CHEM515-56 Potassium Hydroxide 0.1N Ampoules EACH
CHEM515-57 Potassium Iodate AR 500GM EACH
CHEM515-60 Potassium IodINE500GM EACH
CHEM515-70 Potassium Nitrate  500GM EACH
CHEM515-72 Potassium Permanganate 0.1N Ampoules EACH
CHEM515-75 Potassium Permanganate 500Gm EACH
CHEM515-77 Potassium Permanganate 0.1N Sol. 1LT LT
CHEM515-79 Potassium Pyrosulphate 500GM EACH
CHEM515-80 Potassium Sulphate 500GM EACH
CHEM515-85 Potassium Spodium  Tartate 500GM EACH
CHEM515-95 Potassium Thiocyanate 500GM EACH
CHEM515-96 Pyridine 1LT LT
CHEM515-97 Selenium Metal Powder 100GM EACH
CHEM610 Redox Calibrating Solt L4304 FLUKA 250GM EACH
CHEM570-05 Sodium Chloride  Coarse 500GM EACH
CHEM608-00 Silic Acid 500GM EACH
CHEM610-00 Silic Acid 100 Mesh Powder AR 500GM EACH
CHEM612-00 Silica Gel Blue 500GM EACH
CHEM612-10 Silica Gel davison 500GM EACH
CHEM613-00 Silver Metal Powder 500GM EACH
CHEM614-00 Silver Nitrate 100GM EACH
CHEM614-05 Silver Nitrate Solution 0.1N Ampoules EACH
CHEM614-15 Silver Nitrate Solution 0.1N 1LT LT
CHEM614-45 Silver Sulphate 100GM EACH
CHEM614-50 Slanetz and Bartley Medium 500GM EACH
CHEM614-58 Spirits White 1LT LT
CHEM615-10 Sodium Acetate AR 500GM EACH
CHEM615-12 Sodium Benzoate 500GM EACH
CHEM615-13 Sodium Bicarbonate 500GM EACH
CHEM615-15 Sodium Bismuthate 500GM EACH
CHEM615-17 Sodium Bisulphite 500GM EACH
CHEM615-19 Sodium Borate 500GM EACH
CHEM615-192 Sodium Bromate 500GM EACH
CHEM615-194 Sodium Bromide 500GM EACH
CHEM615-20 Sodium Carbonate 500GM EACH
CHEM615-23 Sodium Chlorate 500GM EACH
CHEM615-25 Sodium Chloride 500GM EACH
CHEM615-30 Sodium Citrate 500GM EACH
CHEM615-35 Sodium Cyanide 500GM EACH
CHEM615-45 Sodium Dichromate 500GM EACH
CHEM615-47 Sodium  Diphenylamine-4-Sulphonate 10GM EACH
CHEM615-50 Sodium Fluoride 500GM EACH
CHEM615-52 Sodium Formaldehyde 1KG EACH
CHEM615-54 Sodium Hexametaphosphate 500GM EACH
CHEM616-50 Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate 500GM EACH
CHEM616-52 Sodium Hydrogen Orthophosphate 500GM EACH
CHEM616-54 Sodium Hydroxide Flakes 500GM EACH
CHEM616-55 Sodium Hydroxide Pellets 500GM EACH
CHEM616-56 Sodium Hydroxide 0.1N Ampoules EACH
CHEM616-57 Sodium Hydroxide 1N Ampoules EACH
CHEM616-58 Sodium Hydroxide 0.1N Solution 1LT  LT
CHEM616-59 Sodium HydroXide 1N Solution 1LT LT
CHEM616-591 Sodium Hypochlorite 15% 1LT LT
CHEM616-592 Sodium Hypophosphite EACH
CHEM616-593 Sodium Iodine CP 100GM EACH
CHEM616-595 Sodium Malonate (Microbiology) 25GM EACH
CHEM616-596 Sodium Nitrate 500GM EACH
CHEM616-597 Sodium Molybdate 500GM EACH
CHEM616-598 Sodium Nitite 500GM EACH
CHEM616-599 Sodium Oxalate 500GM EACH
CHEM616-60 Sodium Peroxide Granular 500GM EACH
CHEM616-605 Sodium Peroxide Powder 500GM EACH
CHEM616-61 Sodium Phosphate 500GM EACH
CHEM616-62 Sodium Phosphate Dibasic 500GM EACH
CHEM616-64 Sodium Pyrophosphate 500GM EACH
CHEM616-640 Sodium Stanate 500GM EACH
CHEM616-641 Sodium Stearate Comm 500GM EACH
CHEM616-65 Sodium Sulphate 500GM EACH
CHEM616-67 Sodium Sulphite 500GM EACH
CHEM616-80 Sodium Thiosulphate 0.1N Ampoules  EACH
CHEM616-85 Sodium Thiosulphate 500GM EACH
CHEM616-90 Sodium Thiosulphate Solution N/1 RDH 1LT LT
CHEM616-95 Sodium Tungstate 2Hydrate AR BHD 500GM EACH
CHEM617-15 Sorbic Acid AR 100GM EACH
CHEM617-30 Sorbitol Macconkey Agar 500GM EACH
CHEM617-55 Standard Solution Berrylium 1000PM 500ML EACH
CHEM618-00 Standard Solution Calcium 1000PPM 500ML EACH
CHEM618-03 Starndard Solution Chromium 5000PM 500ML EACH
CHEM618-05 Starndard Solution Iron 1000PM 500ML EACH
CHEM618-07 Starndard Solution Lead 1000PM 500ML EACH
CHEM618-08 Starndard Solution Maganese 1000PPM 500ML EACH
CHEM618-09 Starndard Solution Nickel 100PPM 500ML EACH
CHEM618-10 Starndard Solution Phosphorus 1000PM 500 EACH
CHEM618-15 Starndard Solution Silicon 1000PM 5000ML EACH
CHEM618-20 Starndard Solution Silver 1000PM 500ML EACH
CHEM618-28 Starndard Solution Sodium 1000PPM 500ML EACH
CHEM618-60 Starndard Solution Yttrin 1000PPM 500ML EACH
CHEM618-70 Starndard Solution Zinc 1000PM 500ML EACH
CHEM620-00 Stannous Chloride 500GM EACH
CHEM623-00 Starch 500GM EACH
CHEM624-00 Stearic Acid  500GM EACH
CHEM625-05 Sucrose CP 500GM  EACH
CHEM626-05 Sulphamic  Acid AR RDH 500GM EACH
CHEM628-00 Sulphur Powder 500GM EACH
CHEM629-00 Sulphuric Acid 98% 1LT LT
CHEM629-01 Sulphuric Acid Industrial 1LT LT
CHEM629-05 Sulphuric Acid Solution  0.1N Ampoules EACH
CHEM629-10 Sulphiric Acid Solution 1N Ampoules EACH
CHEM629-12 Sulphuric Acid 0.1N Solution 1LT LT
CHEM629-13 Sulphuric Acid 1N Solution 1LT LT
CHEM629-14 Sulphuric Acid 0.5 Solution 1LT LT
CHEM630-15 Sym-Diphenylcarbazid RPE  CARLOS ER 25GM EACH
CHEM634-00 Tartaric Acid 500GM EACH
CHEM639-00 Tetrabromoethane 1LT  LT
CHEM639-50 Tetrahydrofuran 1LT LT
CHEM641-05 Thioacetamide AR RDH 100GM EACH
CHEM642-00 Thiourea 500GM EACH
CHEM645-00 Toluene 1LT  LT
CHEM645-15 Toluene-4-Sulfonyl Chloride AR 1KG EACH
CHEM647-15 Trehalose BDH 5GM EACH
CHEM650-00 Trichloroethylene 1LT  LT
CHEM652-00 Triethanolamine 1LT LT
CHEM653-05 Tri-Lead Tetroxide CP 100GM EACH
CHEM654-50 Tri-Sodium Phosphate Dodecahydrate 500GM EACH
CHEM655-00 Tri-Sodium Tetraborate 500GM EACH
CHEM669-00 Universal Indicator Solution 100ML EACH
CHEM670-00 Urea 500GM EACH
CHEM698-15 Victoria Blue (Microscopy) RDH 25GM EACH
CHEM700-00 Distilled Water 1LT LT
CHEM777-00 Xylene 1LT LT
CHEM780-15 Xylose D (+) (Biochemistry) 100GM EACH
CHEM850-50 Yttrium Oxide 10GM EACH
CHEM851-75 Zinc Acetate 500GM EACH
CHEM852-00 Zinc Chloride 500GM EACH
CHEM852-50 Zinc Iodide CP 500GM EACH
CHEM852-60 Zinc Metal Granular 500GM EACH
CHEM853-00 Zinc Nitrate 500GM EACH
CHEM854-05 Zinc Oxide AR BHD 500GM EACH
CHEM855-00 Zinc Sulphate 500GM EACH
CHEM905-00 Assay Lead Foil 5KG EACH
CHEM950-00 Sunlight Liquid 750ML EACH
CHEM990-10 1-(Pyridylazo)-2-naphtol SIGMA 25GM EACH
CHEM990-15 1 10-Phenanthroline Hydrate CP 5GM EACH
CHEM990-23 1 2-Cyclohexanedione-Dioxime RDH 5GM EACH
CHEM990-26 1 2-Cyclohexanedione-Dioxime RDH 10GM EACH
CHEM990-28 1 2 Propanediol 1LT LT
CHEM990-45 1-Amino-2-Napthol-4-Suphonic Acid 500GM EACH
CHEM990-47 2 2 Dipyridil BDH 1GM EACH
CHEM990-50 2 4 6 Collide (Trimethylpyridine) 500GM EACH
CHEM990-60 2 4-Dintro-phenyl-hydrazine SIGMA 500GM EACH
CHEM990-65 2 9 Dimethyl-1 10-Phenanthroline HCL 1GM EACH
CHEM990-70 4-Amino-N N Diethylamiline Sulphate 25GM EACH
CHEM990-75 4-Bromphenyl-Hydrazinium Chloride RHD 10G EACH
CHEM990-80 4-Dimethyl Amino Benzaldehyde AR 25GM EACH
CHEM990-81 2-Methyl-1-Butanol 500ML EACH
CHEM990-85 4-Nitroaniline 500GM EACH
CSCH4304000 Redox Solution L430-4 EACH